We knew there had to be a better option


Toward the end of 2015, I had just finished overseeing the registration of some 1500 attendees at a national youth conference in Brisbane for another year. In reviewing the event budget, we could see we had paid several thousand dollars in registration fees to a leading registration system – an added, potentially unnecessary expense we were paying every year! This was a huge amount of money for a not-for-profit organisation and caused us to take a hard look at what we were getting for our money. We began with what we liked about the system we were using and what didn’t work. Finally, we went looking for the gaps – what was still missing?

What we discovered was that both the legacy system and its competitors didn’t have all the features we needed, and were bloated with features we would never use. From here, we set about to build our own system by partnering with long-time good friends in the IT Industry, DaD Digital.

Event organisers – not ticket sellers


We spent the next year working closely with other event organisers of all sizes and types to create a system that did everything we could imagine it needed to do.

From day one, we knew there were three key things our replacement system had to be:

  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Streamlined to the needs of its users.

The thought hadn’t yet occurred to us to launch a business around the idea—to put the horse before the cart – we simply focused on building a system that did everything we needed, and wasn’t going to cost us thousands of dollars a year in fees.

In late 2016 we successfully conducted an event end to end using our own ticketing registration system for the first time.  Years of marketplace use, testing and refining have matured that initial proof of concept to a product offering that we’re excited to share with the world.


Not just for us


By 2019 it had become clear we weren’t alone in our frustration with the ticketing options in the market. To address that ongoing ticketing friction, tickets.org.au was born. The aim has always been simple: An event registration system with everything necessary to simply manage registrations and payments for events – and nothing that isn’t. For every event—from an intimate tour of the chocolate factory to a national festival with thousands of attendees.

What we’re most proud of is creating a public good, for everyone who would rather spend their money in the merchandise tent, than on features they don’t need.

We promise to maintain the lowest pricing for event registration software. We’re excited to complement this by integrating with Stripe – payment gateway – for fast, secure payments with no hidden middleman fees. If you are a not-for-profit organisation and can access Stripe’s not-for-profit discount, then it’s even cheaper!

We guarantee that no other event registration system offers a payment gateway solution as comprehensive, and as cost-effective, as tickets.org.au.


We’re here for you


We’re committed to the continuing improvement of the product that we offer. We love hearing your feedback, and any suggestions on the direction our roadmap takes. Is there a feature you would like to use for an event and want to see included? Let us know here.