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tickets.org.au is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Streamlined system: simple to use and set up events

We know when it comes to running events there is so much to think about. Our website has been carefully designed to be user-friendly and simple to give you one less thing to worry about in bringing your events to life.

Simple, affordable pricing

We’ve created tickets.org.au with not-for-profit organisations in mind. Our pricing is the best on the market and there are no hidden costs or extra fees.

Not-for-Profit discounts

We have an agreement with our payment processing companies that gives not-for-profit entities lower rates on their processing fees.

Free to sign up, no contracts, zero set up costs

Creating an account is free and simple and that’s it! 

Mobile friendly website

tickets.org.au works just as well on mobile devices as on a PC which makes registering for events quick and easy.

Free mobile app

Available on Android and iOS, makes checking in people at your event fast and simple.

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tickets.org.au is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Customisable events page and personal URL

As the event organiser you design and customise the event page to suit you. You can add photos and customise your URL so the direct link you send to your guests to register for your event is unique ie. tickets.org.au/breakfastclub.

Custom registration forms

As the event organiser you get to choose what questions to ask and what information to collect from your guests. This can be as many or as few as you need for your event.

Make changes and updates to your event right up until the last moment

As the event organiser you can update or make changes to your event right up until when tickets sales close (with the exception of editing tickets that have already been purchased).

Add a message to E-Tickets and confirmation emails

As the event organiser you can personalise the confirmation email that is sent to your attendees. We provide a generic one for you, but you can completely customise this to suit your event. You can also customise the details that are included on the E-Ticket itself.

Multiple payment options

tickets.org.au accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as providing the option to utilise Direct Debits via BSB and account number. We’re one of the only ticketing systems offering this ability!

No Ads to other Events

Our public facing ticket purchasing page offers a beautiful and clean environment without being cluttered with ads for other events.  In fact we never advertise anyone else’s event on any of the event pages you create. This way your customers are focused on what you have to offer them.

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tickets.org.au is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Promotional Codes to offer discounted, group or free tickets

You have complete control over your tickets and who pays what. You can create one or multiple promotional codes that each offer a different discount and you have control who has access to these and who uses them. 

Customise the Ticket Type to easily reference groups of people attending your events

Does your event have separate tickets for children, teens, adults, couples, families, etc? tickets.org.au makes customising your ticket types simple to suit your event needs.

Set limits on ticket type availability

This helps to keep tabs on the amount of tickets being sold and to make sure you don’t oversell.

Multi-user accounts

This is a unique function to tickets.org.au that we are seriously excited about. As an Event Organiser you become the Administrator of your company and are able to create new events. You can give administrator access to multiple people if needed.

A User is someone who has access to each event and can update, edit and manage each ticket as needed. You can have multiple Users as needed.

A Ticket Manager (group leader) is someone who would only have access to one particular ticket type/group for an event. They can see and manage all those registered in their group. This function is great for group leaders of a large event and eases the behind the scenes management from your team as the event organiser.

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tickets.org.au is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Instant Customer E-Tickets

As soon as a guest has registered for your event, they will receive a confirmation email sent directly to the email they used to register.

Instant Customer Database and reporting

As an event manager you will have instant access to all your attendees and their details. With one click of a button you can open this information in an Excel spreadsheet to easily sort and edit as needed.

Clone event

If you run a reccurring event, cloning an event is a quick and easy way to duplicate the event details so you don’t have to start from scratch each time you create the event ie fortnightly youth group, monthly breakfast.

Australian based support and operations

We are proudly Australian owned and operated. Our team is based in Australia and we are here to support you.

Our commitment to continuing to update and improve

Here at tickets.org.au we always want to make sure our system is the best that it can be. If there is something you wish our registration system could do, let us know and we will see what we can do!