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347 Given Terrace
Paddington QLD 4064

Jeff – 0414 748 649

Our Vision

Provide a top-quality end-to-end event registration service to community, not-for-profit and ministry entities at an affordable price.




We always strive to provide the highest quality system and customer service.


We ensure event profits are returned to the organiser through low transaction fees and operating costs.


We provide our customers and users with an end-to-end experience for ticket buying and selling, within a single platform.


We continue to nurture, support and give back to the community wherever we can as an organisation, and as individuals.

Meet The Team

Jeff Hoffard

Co-Founder & Chief Project Manager

Jeff is one of the powerhouse pair whose vision for brought it into existence. In his work with not-for-profits he could see how much running events was costing them and knew there was a better way – so, he created it!

Most of his work background is in project coordination and management roles for corporate companies. In 2014, he returned to community and Church-based organisations with a vision for using his skills to support the meaningful, grassroots work of these organisations.

He specialises in troubleshooting problems, from complex IT networking issues to the best smart phone to buy. He is proactive, strategic and tailor’s advice to the specific needs of the client he’s working with.

Jeff also loves long distance running and hiking the outdoors, as well as all things IT and technology related. He is married to Jacinta and loves being a Dad.

Jeff’s favourite events involve as many people as possible, preferably running or gaming.

Damien Sawyer

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Damien is the architect and technical lead of He’s had a long and varied career creating software across many industries including manufacturing, warehousing, medical, real estate, automotive and legal tech. His customers have ranged in size from tiny startups to the largest of enterprises and governments.

A life learner and poor sleeper, he’s always striving to not only improve his existing skills but also try new things.

Previous interests include sailing, motorcycling and aerobatics. More recent pursuits are teaching music to and building robots with his young children.

He’d like to thank his wonderful wife Bek for all her help with It wouldn’t be here without her! Also a big thank you to the forementioned children for all the help they gave banging on the office door, bringing in an infinate stream of lego projects and finding new ways to make very, very loud noises.

Damien’s favourite events involve great music and good scotch.

Emma Plant

Marketing & Events Manager

Emma is our passionate Marketing and Events Manager.  After working in the allied health industry, she moved into a variety of roles in the not-for-profit sector and brings lots of experience in running events.

Emma has a real passion for working with people to help them achieve all they can and a gift for simplifying things that seem complicated. Emma is married to Luke, she loves to be creative with flowers, spend time watching movies and playing games with her family and a well-made coffee. 

Emma’s favourite events involve food and aesthetically beautiful surroundings.


Jacinta Hoffard

Marketing Officer

Jacinta is our dedicated Marketing Officer. Her career has been somewhat diverse with a unique mix of book-keeping, payroll, management roles, charity school liaison, counselling, youth work, mentorship and being a mum.

Jacinta is focused on providing great customer service and promoting the mission and values of using her strengths of problem-solving and creativity. Jacinta is married to Jeff, she loves to hike, travel, retreat to nature and spend quality time with friends and family.

Jacinta’s favourite events involve people and the great outdoors.


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