We understand your unique needs and your desire to make every cent count.

We’ve created a cost-effective option for your event registrations that gives you all the tools and choices you need.

Ticket Pricing

Our low fees give everyone all the same access, all the same features – no hidden costs!

See our fees in the table below + applicable payment gateway fee (set by Stripe and Pinch)

Payment Gateway Fees

Ticket TypeStripe Fees
(Credit/Debit Cards)
Pinch Fees
(Direct Deposit)
Free TicketNo FeeNo Fee
All Other Tickets1.75% + 30c

international Fee 2.9% + 30c
Transaction fee 1% + 30c with a cap of $5

international Fee 2.9% + 30c

Note – all fees quoted in AUD.

We’re here for you.

Complete cost control

You decide who pays the fees.

Here are your 3 options:
  • Cover the fees yourself as part of your event budget
  • Collect the fees from your attendees and receive 100% of the ticket price
  • Split the cost between both of you by charging a percentage to the attendee and covering the rest

Your funds will come directly to you!

No need to wait weeks after your event to receive your money.
Accept payments directly to your bank account through your Stripe and Pinch accounts.

Don’t have these accounts?

We can help you get set up when you create your first event. Once you’ve set yourself up once, every event you create after will be automatically linked to your accounts.

Not-For-Profit Pricing.

Stripe offer generous discounts for not-for-profit organisations. We are pleased to pass on 100% of the discounts they offer to any not-for-profit using Contact us to help you get set up.
Our ticketing software has no hidden costs or ongoing fees, what you see here is what you will pay.

Understanding Payment Gateway Costs

Stripe is the secure payment gateway that is used by to process all credit and debit card payments. The fees shown are Stripes fees.  Stripe is a necessary part of the set up of your account to accept payment for events (not required for running free events). 

Pinch is the secure payment gateway that is used by to process all Direct Debit payments using a BSB and account number. This is something unique to that we are excited to offer you. The fees shown are Pinch fees. Pinch is an optional extra for those who would like to offer their attendees the option of paying via their bank account. To set this up, fill in the appropriate application form on this page, send through the necessary supporting documentation and we’ll let you know when you’re set up!

We don’t add anything onto these fees, and we are proud of that! As the event manager, you have the option to cover this fee yourself or pass onto the ticket buyer.