allows you to register participants for a free event at absolutely NO cost.


We know that free events still take a lot of work to organise, including promotion, monitoring attendance numbers, catering, scheduling and staff/volunteer management. Please don’t find yourself printing confusing spreadsheets out or deciphering handwritten notes on guest list logs while trying to manage a low-cost budget! Take advantage of promise to provide free ticketing for free events.

There is NO cost involved in opening an account with and there is NO processing or ticketing fees applied when you are running an event at no cost to your attendees.

We want to make registering your attendees as easy as possible for you! That’s why we offer the same great features for free event as we do for paid events, at NO cost to you. You will have access to full suite of features at no cost.

But what about an event with paid tickets but certain people can attend for free, like you perhaps, as the event organiser?

Any ticket that costs $0 won’t incur the organiser or the attendee any charge. It’s free, it’s totally free.

That’s right it’s possible to register guests to any event at no cost by using a discount or promotional code that brings the price down to $0. For example, you might have volunteers who you want to give free tickets or perhaps a guest speaker. It’s still important to collect their personal details for tracking event numbers, catering and for legal reasons. You can do so without paying any fees.