End of year events and Christmas party season is upon us!



If your calendar is not already littered with end-of-year events, it soon will be.

Are you planning any celebrations?

  • Graduation
  • Christmas Party
  • Family Reunion
  • Farewell
  • Baby Shower
  • New Years Eve Bash
  • Friendly sporting event….?

If you have an event coming up, have you thought about how you’ll collect RSVP’s, keep track of dietary requirements, get the spelling of names correct?

tickets.org.au is so much more than just a ticketing system. Let us take the hard work out of keeping track of the details so you can focus on what you do best!

COVID Tracing

Something that isn’t going anywhere any time soon is collecting contact details whenever we gather for the purpose of contact tracing. Most venues will require it and it will save you time and hassle when you get together if you can arrive at your venue with the list complete and ready to hand over.
Take 5 minutes to set up your event, send your guests your link and then get on with the good stuff – planning the menu!

Free events are always FREE

The best part is, if you’re not collecting a ticket fee from your guests – this process will cost you nothing! You’ve got nothing to lose.