We believe in you!


We believe in the good work of so many organisations and groups in the community. We want to support you to get on with what you do best, fulfilling your mission in the world… whether it’s fundraising for drought relief, deepening people’s spiritual connectedness through retreats or gathering people to participate in sport.

In defining our Vision, Mission and Values here at tickets.org.au, we really got serious about our core purpose, focus, aims and who we want to be in the community. We would love to share our guiding principles with you:

Our Vision


Provide a top-quality and end-to-end event registration service to community, not-for-profit and ministry entities at an affordable price.

Our Mission


Be the #1 event registration system for community entities in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Values



We always strive to provide the highest quality system and customer service.


We ensure event profits are returned to the organiser through low transaction fees and operating costs.


We provide our customers and users with an end-to-end experience for ticket buying and selling, within a single platform.


We continue to nurture, support and give back to the community wherever we can as an organisation, and as individuals.

As you can see, we are aspiring to impact our part of world… for the better!

We hope our core values provide a reference point for you to understand us and our principles. They form our common ground… we try to use them, live them and bring them into every part of what we do at tickets.org.au