A new way to connect with your guests 


We all know how important it is to communicate with everyone who is attending our events. And perhaps the easiest way to do this is via email.

Pre-event we want to touch base and remind them where they need to be and when, how to find us, where to park, what to bring etc.

Often we’d also love to reach out to them again after the event – to seek feedback, extend appreciation or to let them know what other events we may have coming up.

Here at tickets.org.au, we have just made that process a whole lot easier!


Sync your event to your Mailchimp audience 

If you already have a Mailchimp account it’s a simple process to connect your tickets.org.au account to your Mailchimp account. Then you just need to choose which audience you want to sync your guest details to, and it will start syncing new orders immediately.

If you’ve never used Mailchimp before, check out this link to find out more about the benefits of getting on board! If you set yourself up with a new account, you can sync your event details the same day!


Why connect?

When you connect to your Mailchimp account and sync to an audience, tickets.org.au will create or update an entry for all your guests with thier name, email, any other details you choose to ask them and add a tag for the event they’re attending. Now you have all your guest data in one place ready to communicate to! Making the most of Mailchimp’s functionality, you can target your audience in the ways that work best for you.


We’re here for you


We’re committed to the continuing improvement of the product that we offer. We love hearing your feedback, and any suggestions on the direction our roadmap takes. Is there a feature you would like to use for an event and want to see included? Let us know here.