How to Connect to Mailchimp

By integrating your event on to your Mailchimp account you can seamlessly update your mailing list with all the info you need to follow up with your event attendees!

Don’t have a Mailchimp account?

Check out how you can set one up and how it can serve you in your customer follow up here.  You can also set up a new account by following the process below.

Already have a Mailchimp account?

Awesome! You can connect to your account and starting syncing data straight away. Before you do, we suggest you take a quick look at this page that highlights your responsibilities in regards to privacy.

Click on ‘Organisation’ in your organisation admin menu (on the left-hand side when you’re logged in).

Scroll down past Organisation and Payment information and you will see the Mailchimp Connection section.

Click the purple ‘Connect to Mailchimp’ button.

From here, simply log in with your Mailchimp username and password, or click on Create Account if you’re setting up a new account.

Please note, if setting up a new Mailchimp account it can take up to 60 minutes to successfully begin syncing your data.

For existing Mailchimp accounts, you are ready to go!


Connect Your Event to a Mailchimp Audience

In order to sync data to your Mailchimp account, you need to tell us which audience to share the info with. You need to do this for each event.

In the Event Details tab of your event, scroll down past ‘Mandatory Fields’ and ‘Invoicing’ and you will see the the ‘Mailchimp’ section.

Make sure you toggle on the option to ‘sync to Mailchimp’ and you will see a dropdown box to select which audience you want to sync to for that event.

Note, free Mailchimp accounts only allow users to have a single audience, paid users can have multiple audiences.

Important things to note

When you set up your event, all information collected from any questions you include from the Question Library will sync with Mailchimp for each ticket purchased.

Key things to note:

  • you MUST include the ’email’ question from the Question Library in order for your data to sync with Mailchimp
  • you cannot sync information collected from questions you create outside the Question Library
  • you have responsibilities in regards to the information you collect and how it’s used. Find out more here.
  • Mailchimp will only create a single contact for each email address. This means if someone uses an email address for multiple tickets Mailchimp will only save the most recent entry details against that contact ie first name, surname etc.

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