A significant part of what determines the success of your event is how you spread the word and sell your tickets.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

You’ve got a great platform in tickets.org.au, much of the hard work is done but there are still lots of things to consider when optimising your event promotion.

Below is a list of things to consider to set you up for success:

  • Setting up the Event Sales Page on tickets.org.au
  • Name the event: make it searchable and memorable
  • Create a catchy, easy to remember URL, you’re going to be using it everywhere
  • Include all the important details, don’t make them guess or chase you for info: date, time, location, address etc
  • Choose a great cover picture, it’s going to set the vibe
  • Use Social media:
    • Facebook: if you need a refresher here’s how to create an event on Facebook
    • Quick tip: If you create a Facebook event using your Facebook page (rather than a personal profile), you’ll be able to paste a direct link to your event page within a separate “Ticket URL” field.
    • Instagram and Pinterest: get your images out there, give people behind the scenes sneak peeks, eg snaps or videos of keynote speakers and performers
    • Create a hashtag and use it every chance you get
  • Make your tickets easy to buy
  • Sell all your tickets through tickets.org.au and then you can share your profile page showing all your upcoming events. People might be interested in seeing what else you have on offer
  • Have staggered cut off dates for promotional priced tickets to generate sales, and get access to cash for your budget faster, for example, Early bird tickets, Group Discounted tickets, VIP tickets
  • Use promo coded tickets to boost weekend sales or early sales
  • Run email campaigns and send direct mail
  • Run competitions and giveaways
  • Announce special ticket options like early bird
  • Provide exclusive previews of the event
  • Create exciting video content – this is what all the cool kids are doing!  It’s a great way to put your event in the spotlight and warm-up potential attendees
  • The personal touch works a charm, don’t only use broad, public promotion – get people to send personal invites too
  • Encourage all your people to get talking and help spread the word on their personal socials
  • Involve people already attending to help create and spread promotional material
  • Offer incentives to people already booked in, e.g. a prize to someone who spreads the word the furthest on the social media platforms.